Rope Works
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IMGP1294We carry out work at height with rope access techniques in areas of difficult access. We don’t use traditional and conventional ways  (tow tracks, scaffolds, etc.) due to the lack of placement’s space, the high budget of the above means, etc.

All our cases are performed with the method of Rope Access.

Advantages of  Rope Access  method:
-Fast installation and uninstallation of the Rope Access system,
-Low-disturbance, such as  buildings’ residents and pedestrians by placing scaffolds or parking of  agricultural machines, etc.
-Capability of work at any height
-The least-staff, the earliest ending of work, the less and flexible equipment and little time to uninstall have as a result the lowest cost,

-Efficacy and safety are guaranteed by our comprehensive training at methodology «Rope Access».



High Access provides specialized services at work in height (simple placement of machinery or equipment in inaccessible places, inspection and repair of wind turbines off-shore).



Summary of the operations we can carry out with high quality results, are:
- Installation, service, and restoration of machinery parts on sloping, vertical or steep surfaces (cooling units in non-accessible sides of buildings, security cameras, electromechanical installations, plumbing, vents, etc.)

-Installation of promotional material
- Installation, inspection, conservation and restoration of radio-tv and meteorological towers and  the equipment they require. (We have extensive experience in installation of  anemometric towers and  in our portfolio are concluded dozens of  towers from 50 to 65 meters and the installation of the tallest anemometric tower in Greece (80 m/ Martino 2010), that has been made so far by Greek technicians).

- Installation, inspection and restoration of telecom towers equipment etc.

  • Cable installation,
  • Steel parts installation,
  • Transmission line measurement,
  • Antennas installation and calibration,
  • Azimuth & mechanical tilt setting,
  • Microwave links.

- Inspection, conservation and restoration of wind turbine blades,

- Carrying out structural checks and inspections in technical infrastructure (dams, bridges, etc.),

- Concrete sampling,

- Non-destructive testing – NDT,
- Training employees in rope access techniques.

Our customers can take advantage of our working methods and ensuring the quality services at lower cost than traditional, conventional methods.DSC00343

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